More Free DUI Books

We love to help people get information for free to help them decide what possible options they have.  The more you know, the more you will be able to discuss openly with your lawyer and attorney to help you defend your DUI case.  Here are some great free books.  They are specifically for Arizona , but still a lot of it is good information, and helpful to all facing a DUI. They are written by James Novak.

 He is an experienced criminal defense attorney in Tempe, Arizona.  He has 3 free books on the subject of DUI.  The first book is Winning Defense Strategies.  It will help you to avoid mistakes and get control of your DUI situation.  The second book that is available for free is 101 DUI Defenses.  It is his compilation of his best 101 winning strategies that you can use with your lawyer.  The third free DUI book is titled, Your 24 hour Arizona DUI Defense Plan.  It has 24 things you can do in the first 24 hours after your arrest.

Click Here to get your 3 Free Arizona DUI defense books: