Choosing a DUI Lawyer is different!

We all have chosen professionals for advice and help before.  How do you find a great dentist or doctor?   Well most of us ask our friends and relatives.  Who have they used and what did they like about them.  Getting charged with a DUI is different.  Who wants to phone their friend and ask people at work….Oh by the way I got arrested with a DUI last night and was wondering if that has happened to you and which DUI lawyer did you use?  Not a conversation likely to occur.  If fact maybe the opposite happens.  You withdraw and ask no one for help.    That is why tools like this DUI lawyer directory is so important.  People can come here and tell their story and give the referrals and ratings of the different DUI lawyers without letting the whole world know they have been charged with a DUI.

Most other times in our lives when looking for a competent professional to assist us we may not have the time constraints a charge in the legal system creates.  Especially in states that have streamlined the DUI process to the states advantage for conviction.  So is vitally important that if you have had a positive experience with a DUI lawyer that you make the time and effort to place comment so others know who to turn to.  I know we are all busy.  I know it is easy to forget.  But we all like like complements, so if someone helped you and went the extra mile, why not publicly tell them how goo they were.  Because choosing a DUI lawyer is different.