Passive Alcohol Sensors and DUI

Passive Alcohol Sensors are devices used by law enforcement to “sniff” for alcohol in your car.  Some are using it as a pathway to probable cause.  Weird, I thought maybe driving erratically and showing clear signs of impairment would be probable cause.   Apparently those are not good enough.  Perfect driving citizens who are driving properly and who have legally consumed alcohol under the legal limits may now be subject to extra scrutiny through a sensor that is hidden in a flashlight.  Is it that hard to tell if someone is driving poorly that police officers need to resort to “James Bond” type gadgets?  I guess they need to hide their “search” of the air in your car from a normal law abiding American.   If they need to hide what they are doing, is it possible they are just trying to fill quotas for arrests to fill the newspaper with “hard on crime” stories?  You can’t win against hidden and sneaky tactics.  Fight back with a skilled and quality DUI lawyer.  Only a great DUI attorney can even the playing field and start to put fairness and sanity back into the process.  Tell us your stories about your DUI arrest experiences.  Sniffing Flashlights at close to 1000$ a piece paid for by the taxpayer.  If they need that to tell if a driver is driving poorly…maybe the probable cause is not so probable.