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Differences Between DUI Lawyer Directories

There are a lot of sites dealing with DUI and DWI on the internet.  Type in a search for Best DWI Lawyer in the town, city or state of your choice and you will be presented with a lot of sites to choose from.  So what makes Search Dui Lawyers any different?  Well we actually [...]

The Best DUI Lawyer in California

We are always looking out for the best dui lawyers we can recommend to you.  You want a great dui lawyer in Los Angeles?  Well what would you think about the following? Not Guilty verdict in 90% of his DUI jury trials 40 years of dui defense expereince Expert in DUI Defense  Expert in blood alcohol detection [...]

More Free DUI Books

We love to help people get information for free to help them decide what possible options they have.  The more you know, the more you will be able to discuss openly with your lawyer and attorney to help you defend your DUI case.  Here are some great free books.  They are specifically for Arizona , [...]

Choosing a DUI Lawyer is different!

We all have chosen professionals for advice and help before.  How do you find a great dentist or doctor?   Well most of us ask our friends and relatives.  Who have they used and what did they like about them.  Getting charged with a DUI is different.  Who wants to phone their friend and ask [...]

Passive Alcohol Sensors and DUI

Passive Alcohol Sensors are devices used by law enforcement to “sniff” for alcohol in your car.  Some are using it as a pathway to probable cause.  Weird, I thought maybe driving erratically and showing clear signs of impairment would be probable cause.   Apparently those are not good enough.  Perfect driving citizens who are driving properly and who have [...]

How About Innocent Until Proven Guilty?

Being charged with a DUI at least in the press’s and public’s eyes is as good as being convicted.  We always hear about any famous or powerful person that is charged with a DUI.  We seldom hear about the outcome later if the charges are not successful.  The public has a preconceived notion that everyone charged with [...]

Legal Drinking and Driving

Drinking and driving does not make you a criminal or evil.  Many people can safely operate a car with some alcohol in their system.  A large number of Americans have driven after consuming a drink or two.  We seem to have laws simply to respond to vocal advocacy groups, and not laws based on science.  I am not alone [...]